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Oblix Demos VR at Worlds Fair Nano 2017

September 26, 2017

We had a terrific experience demoing our open social VR platform at Worlds Fair Nano 2017 at Brooklyn Expo Center. Over two days we had more than 300 people try out our platform and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 95% of the people who tried our platform said they would recommend it to a friend!

VR Demo of Oblix’s platform at WFN 2017

In case you missed the event you can catch up by watching this video:

Oblix – Worlds Fair Nano 2017 from Oblix

Demographic Stats

Worlds Fair Nano 2017

Comfort level was extremely high for our experience.

Everyone loved the experience and wanted to recommend it to their friends, regardless of their age.


Siddharth Saxena (CEO) Enjoying the demoSiddharth Saxena (CEO) Enjoying the demo

Zhihao Deng helping a user with VR demo Zhihao Deng helping a user demo

Andy Vadapalli excited by the response of usersAndy Vadapalli excited by the response of users

Siddharth managing the waitlistSiddharth managing the waitlist

Zhihao and Andy helping users enjoy the VR demoZhihao and Andy helping users enjoy the demo

All ages tried our VR demo and loved itAll ages tried our demo and loved it


Oblix’s New Identity

September 6, 2017


Here is the story of our new identity for Oblix: Discover the real world in virtual reality.

Oblix Virtual Reality Logo Thumbnails

Oblix’s new identity centers around our planet. The lines symbolize the longitude and latitude of the earth that sits on the letter ‘o’ at a 45° angle. The width of the letter ‘o’ acts as negative space that surrounds the globe indicating a portal (to enter Oblix’s world). The slanted globe depicts flexibility in movement, freedom in exploration.


Oblix Virtual Reality Colors

Oblix bridges reality and virtual reality. The colors blue and purple represent the real and virtual words, respectively, in one visual statement.


“The quality of the draughtsmanship – rather than the intellectual idea behind it – is my masterpiece. It was the hardest typeface I have worked on in my life. Working on it, I always had human nature in mind.”

Adrian Frutiger, designer of the Avenir typeface.


We carry forward the same typography used in our previous logo, Avenir, for three reasons, first the meaning of the word in French is “future“, second although the basis of the font is a circle, the letter ‘o’ is not a perfect circle but optically corrected, and third our adoration towards Frutiger’s vision and design approach on creating an organic version of geometric style sans-serif. A bolder weight is employed to illustrate presence in both the real and virtual worlds. We believe the future of human exploration will include discoveries within virtual reality.


Oblix Virtual Reality Logo
Door signage.


Oblix Virtual Reality T-shirts


Oblix Virtual Reality Letterhead



Oblix Virtual Reality Logo

Our new logo celebrates our purpose. It highlights Earth as our playground, and it is designed as an invitation to travel and explore the real world in virtual reality as well as to help build the world of Oblix.





September 30, 2016

Our universe is inherently richer and more complex than any fictional one can ever be. Oblix is the best way to travel our universe in virtual reality, or VR. With Oblix, VR functions as a tool that allows you to immerse yourself more deeply in reality, rather than escape it. Travel from Earth to Mars and to other planets. Witness the movements of our solar system and the might of our burning Sun. Pioneer the final frontier.


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